CHANEL Fall-Winter 2013



This is a fashion production I did, published in Concept Mag Argentina

The idea was mixing flower and animal print in a very delicate way.

Fashion Stylist: Isabel Toro

Assistant: Renno Dakota

Ph: Anibal T Jorquera


Dress:  Carola Pino

Shoes:  Nine West


Dress:  Macarena Gorroño

Neckless: Macarena Gorroño

Jacket: Carola Pino

Purse:  Carola Pino


Dress:  Warehouse London

Shoes and purse: Nine West

Neckless: ASH New York


Dress: Macarena Gorroño

Shoues:  Hush Puppies


Dress: Warehouse London

Bracelet: Macarena Gorroño


Top: Priviledge

Tulle skirt: Isa Toro

Shoes:  Carola Pino

Neckless: Macarena Gorroño


Blouse:  Falabella

Jacket: Falabella

Pants: Macarena Gorroño

Shoes: Nine West

Flower tie: Isa Toro


Coat: Carola Pino (Cavalli)

Ring: Macarena Gorroño

Purse: Nine West

Young Argentinian Talents


In my research for young Argentinean talents I found the great Flo Tucci, I was really amazed by her work since I find it unique, so I wanted to share it with my viewers.

Flo is Photographer and Digital artist; her passion for art started from a very early age, where her mother influenced her to study drawing and painting.  Over the years she studied also sculpture, make up among others.

Her style has to do with the Dark and the Fantastic, crowded with heroic characters and tales picturing. In her work she uses a lot of photo montage, hyper realistic manipulation, and frequently paints on compositions.  She always give her own style to her photos.

She has worked in Argentina with many prestigious photographers and also has an international background working on graphic campaigns for Perú, Mexico, Spain and USA.

I was really happy when Flo accepted me to do a note on her work, since for me she is one of the most talented digital artists I have seen here.

If you want to see more of her work you can visit her web page where you can find out more about her work and also workshops.


124295-4fa342aba71a0-large 1333982296_Beauty-and-the-Beast flo-tucci4 Flo-Tucci-sub-art-pic-at-wwwkhuantrucom-1 Vero 1


Florencia Aliano (Florencia Stam) is a talented Argentinian fashion designer, blogger, fashion stylist and fashion editor of Fashion Street Mag (Online Magazine).  Her love for fashion started at a very young age,she always gave her own personal style to everything she made.  Flor has colaborated with many argentinian fashion magazines.  She has her own fashion line named Emma Clothes.  She has become a very famous blogger in her country where she is invited to all the fashion events.

If you would like to see more of her work, you can visit her web sites:

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Manuela Vidal Rivas is a young and very talented Fashion Stylist and daughter of Mr. Hector Vidal, the most famous Fashion Stylist in Argentina. She works directly and hand to hand with her father in the family business Vidal-Rivas.  They created one of the most famous fashion shows in Argentina, BAAM (Buenos Aires Alta Moda). It takes place twice a year: in late March when designers showcases collections Autumn – Winter, and early September, to show the spring – summer collections.

BAAM present the fashion shows of recognized designers both nationally and internationally.

She and her father have worked so to take Argentina to Paris fashion week and they are leaders in Argentinean fashion world.

For more you can visit their web site: